Pussymon: Episode 08

This sequence of saga will not be simply the eight scene in the series - it is going to be Xmas special epsiode! So place asid eall your doings and full fill your"Xmas Duty" (and you do not have to await an actual holiday period)! Your company of heroes is doing better and finer with getting fresh pussymon and building your way through the Pussymon hunter society rankings ladder. And this fresh misery call from DOT is going to bring you to the fresh and and uncharted region which some old stories refer to as"The Frost Pole". And new region means just one thing - new sexy pussymons for your team! So love this xmas themed narrative whilst researching 9 (! )) New areas in serach of ten (!!) Of new pussmons and sexcards! And tehre is going to likely be two easter eggs at this moment!

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