Seductive RPG Swim Team

Because the coach of the swimming team that is actual you will try yourself in this simulator! Your team consists of three girls with huge breasts - Kate, Julia and Helen. Every one of them has her own parameters of endurance, strength, health and disposition. You have to train girls every day to prepare yourself for an occasion - a swimming competition. On this you have just 20 days, so you will need to attempt to train the women at the time. You could also earn extra money, speak with other coaches and with women, andalso visit a physician. Keep tabs on your team's operation, and you can fuck these beauties, if you succeed! Be careful and select the words wisely - your words and actions have an effect on the mood and wellness of your group! Fantastic luck!

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My Brothel [v 0.10]

This game is for everybody who is looking for something more than sex in hentai games. This one particular will let you to run a brothel! At the beginning of the game you will find yourself as an owner of an old and deserted brothel. Even though the building is in need of repair you may find Bernadette - sexy blonde woman still residing there. She's former secretary of this location and since you are here in order to reconstruct the area she will be pleased to help you with running it once again! And here is the point where the complete scale business imulator begins. You will have to make cash, fix rooms, employ women or looking for them at various parts of the town and attempt to create them to work for you. At some point you win will initiate the conflict with gang which ruind the brothel at teh first place!

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