Legend of Krystal v2

Here is new version of Legend of Krystal sex game with a coupleof tweaks, enhancements and also some new stuff. Krystal is fucking about with different kind of monsters. Included bonus personalities.

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Chicks and Dicks

Puzzles are pretty popular genre in short games - such as the hentai ones! Here we have one mor eof these animated hentai puzzles - you also could have played games that aresimilar few occasions before. You will see the game area and couple square pieces at the bottom of the display. Your work is simple - place all the bits in its proper place in the grid. View carefull - a few pieces of this puzzle might be turnedorupside down - only double clickto bend them on 90 degrees. Aftre you may place all the bits in appropriate place and appropriate position they'll combine together so that you may enjoy hot hentai cartoon. Clickon the next button when you'll be ready to fix another round. You're able to unlock some achievements but to know that which thy are youneed to finish the gamefirst.

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Sex Kitten

Hentai game! In this sport you may found yourself in situation when unethical dealer (that is hot but bossy chick by the way) in the dark alley has a task for you. You will want to "aquire" few things from other girls... and those things include bras, socks and panties! So today you'll have to run across town to go to park, downtown hoses and flats to meet women there! And would be to answer their questions right. Response - end up one and hot sex scene of the items you need. Wrong answer - it could be bad for the wellbeing (literraly - your wellbeing count will return)! From college women to maids, from bibliophile into supersluts - you'll have to go trhought them to get exactly what you need (and some sex scenes apart from)!

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