Seductive RPG Swim Team

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You are this university team's coach. There are 3 sports ladies on this team. You need to plan your training schedule so that your chicks are in athletic shape. Additionally, you will have the chance to get to know the femmes much nearer. Look at the game screen. Then choose a different sports practice for each damsel. It can be a gym or a bike or sport machine. Then click on the"Next" button. In the day you go back to this hostel and will go to the chicks' rooms. Speak to them. And what they really love. For instance, Sonya likes blossoms. Buy her a bouquet, and she'll give you a dt. And after that you can have wild intercourse with her. In the early hours, you can talk to other dolls. And also you are able to tempt them. So let's begin the game now.

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