Rivalries – Part Two

The rivalry will continue so that you could enjoy new sensual game"Rivalries - Part 2". And keep detected that in the very start of the game you're able to pick from seven (! )) Various languages to play it! Since this is a second part the game will require a special code which you could get only in the end of the part one. So you're able to play with the previous game or when you've played with it before but simply did not memorized it you can try to use next mix - 23432344 (however there can be distinct codes so us ethe one that you have). As for the story it will bring you back to relationships inwards the group of young people who is just beginning to explore the world of lovemaking and seduction so it is fairly demonstrable that none of them wants to stay behind. But who will find the prize? Create your choices thru the story and you will see! In case in case you got stuck try to type in the term"mansion" to get a hint on what to do next if it's possible. Play now »